Who We Serve

KeyMed, Inc. is a regional closed-door pharmacy serving long term care facilities from Pocatello to Idaho Falls to Boise. While senior and elder care has long been our specialty, KeyMed provides a broad array of pharmacy-related services to other targeted populations, including:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Assisted Living
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Hospice
  • First-Dose Pharmacy
  • Correctional Care

Our Services

Our billing staff is located within the pharmacy. All billing questions receive prompt attention and are resolved at the same location. We are contracted with most third party prescription plans, including Medicare D and Medicaid. Billing staff members are available during regular business hours to answer facility, staff and family members’ questions and/or concerns.

KeyMed is constantly leading the way in implementing technology that will save time, improve accuracy, and ultimately make your experience better.

Your Key to Excellence

We have a keen understanding of the service level that’s expected to make your business run as smoothly as possible. We have a willingness to commit that extra measure of service required, which ultimately improves the care your residents receive.

  • All services are local, professional and in-house
  • Properly filled prescriptions; first time-every time
  • Accurate timely billing
  • Mistake free medical records
  • Standard hours of operation
  • On call pharmacist 24 / 7
  • Customizable daily deliveries
  • Comprehensive emergency med kit
  • Non-outsourced after hours emergency services
  • We have developed a worry-free process so you can concentrate on resident care

Pharmacy Services

Timely Drug and Supply Delivery

  • Drug orders are either same-day or next-day delivery
  • Free delivery service
  • Prescription orders delivered directly to the facilities, around the clock, depending upon need, urgency and availability

Custom Blister-Pack System

  • Patient-specific medication packages
  • Unit-dose formats to ensure accurate and safe administration
  • Available in 7 and 31 day blister-pack systems
  • Ready to use and easy to administer
  • Increase resident safety by reducing drug administration errors
  • Customized medication administration records to facilitate drug tracking
  • Times of administration clearly labeled
  • Instructional and warning labels provided

Law and Regulations

  • In compliance with state and Federal regulations
  • Conduct drug regimen reviews to assess appropriateness and efficacy of drug therapies
  • Recommend alternate therapies or discontinuation of unnecessary drugs
  • Provide comprehensive policy and procedure manual with yearly updates

Pharmacy Review and Monitoring

  • Pharmacist consultation visits
  • Drug utilization review
  • Chart review
  • Psychotropic monitoring and follow-up reports
  • Clozaril monitoring
  • MTM-Medication Therapy Management
  • Patient counseling
  • If you need to reach the pharmacy and it is after our regular business hours, please call the pharmacy phone number (208) 233-2444. You will be routed to the on-call pharmacist. It is very important that the pharmacy knows about all medications orders either new or that need to be refilled in order to help ensure medications are started/received on time. 

  • All orders placed before 5:30pm will be received the next business day around 11am, Monday-Friday.  Orders placed on Friday don’t arrive at the facility until Tuesday.  If you have an order that cannot wait please notify pharmacy so we can make arrangements to ensure that medication arrives on Saturday. Packing slips will be included with every order you receive at each building.  It is imperative that you reconcile your order with what you requested and what was received.  You must then sign the packing slip and fax it back to the pharmacy. The pharmacy receives periodic audits and we have to submit packing slips to ensure they will not dispute that the medications were not sent.  Please be diligent in making this happen!!

  • Any phone conversation you have with pharmacy staff should be written down for future reference.  Please do the following each time you call the pharmacy with a request or concern:

    1.  Date and time of phone call
    2. Who you spoke with/name
    3. What the call was regarding
    4. Follow up the phone call with a fax if possible
  • All new orders will need to be faxed to the pharmacy immediately.  If the pharmacy receives an order and it was not faxed from the facility, we will fax it to you.  Please follow the following steps each time a new order was received:

    1.  Fax a copy to pharmacy, if after hours call the pharmacy so we know a new order has been written.
    2. Write on the Medication Administration Record (MAR) the new order and the time it needs to be given.  If this order is replacing an old order make sure you discontinue the previous order by writing D/C on the medication and the date.
    3. Pharmacy will notify the first dose pharmacy if a medication can’t wait until the next delivery time to be started.
  • All new admits need to have a pharmacy face sheet identifying patient, payor source, drug allergy, doctor information in order for us to begin processing orders. There is a copy of [one] in this packet and will be available on the upcoming website. Or, you can call the pharmacy and we will fax you one. If you are expecting an admit, do not wait until the last minute to notify pharmacy. A new admit can take many hours to prepare and it is more costly to have to first dose medications. Any new admission with a narcotic order must have a valid prescription or ‘hard copy’ in order for the pharmacy to fill.

  • When a resident discharges, please let the pharmacy know immediately. If we are not aware of a change in resident status, we will send their cycle medications. We have a form that can be used to notify pharmacy of a discharge.

  • Cycle medications are oral solid dosage forms that are to be given the same time each day and will be given for a long period of time (e.g. levothyroxine for hypothyroidism). These medications are started on the 10th of each month. Cycle medications have a black time reference (Morning, Evening..) on the right hand of the label. All other medications (non-cycle) do not have this. See attached label for recognition.

  • These medications are the following:

    1.  PRN
    2. Topical creams/ointments and patches
    3. Narcotics (ALL)
    4. Inhalers
    5. Short course medications (e.g., antibiotics)
    6. Insulin
    7. Eye/ear drops
    8. Liquid medications

    These medications require your staff to be diligent in recognizing when they are going to run out and order in a timely manner to prevent residents from not receiving medications on time.  This also reduces cost as first dosing is expensive.

  • Please order any non-cycle medications 5 days before they are out.  This is to ensure pharmacy has time to order in the medication if necessary and to avoid running out over the weekend.  Each label has a peel of sticker for easy ordering.  If the peel off is missing, this will alert staff that it has been ordered.  Pharmacy provides the facility with reorder forms that are to be used in conjunction with the label peel off and if you need to write an order to be refilled.  Perform a thorough medication cart check every Wednesday to ensure that by the weekend there are no medications that could potentially run out.  Pharmacy will use this form to communicate if an order will not be processed (e.g. need refills, refill too soon…).   You need to keep your refill order forms in a location that you can retrieve them once your order arrives to be able to reconcile your shipment with your packing list.

  • All narcotics require a valid prescription to be filled by the pharmacy.  Also, if the provider writes a narcotic prescription, the original must be retained at the pharmacy, no exception.  A copy of the prescription needs to be maintained in the patient chart.

    There are 2 main classes of narcotics:  Controlled type 2 (C2) and non C2 controlled type (C3-5).  The main difference is that C2 narcotics cannot be given a refill and the pharmacy requires the original hard copy from the provider in order to get the medication filled. The provider can write 3 separate C2 orders and have them post-dated for 90 days in the future.  This is helpful for future fills but it is not always the case.  If you receive a narcotic prescription, fax the pharmacy and let your nurse manager or building manager know so you can make arrangements to have it mailed to the pharmacy.

    For C2 narcotics, pharmacy has developed a calendar system to anticipate when a new C2 prescription is needed to prevent not having the ‘hard copy’ prior to running out.  Please familiarize yourself with this calendar so you can be aware of when your residents have a C2 order that is nearing completion.

    The non-C2 type narcotics can have refills (up to 5).  We can receive these orders by phone or fax.  It is very important that these medications are requested prior to running out to ensure we have ample time to get a new order if necessary.

    Narcotics once they have been accepted into the facility are non-returnable to the pharmacy.  They may be refused at the time of delivery.  This is done by writing on the packing slip manifest refused, sign and  let pharmacy know ASAP.

  • Used or partial medications should be destroyed at the facility following facility outlined protocol for disposal of unused medications. Pharmacy will only accept medications that are refused at time of delivery or if pharmacy requests a medication to be returned to the pharmacy. Narcotics are non-returnable unless refused at time of delivery.

  • First dose is to be done when a new order is given that cannot wait until the next shipment time to be given to a resident. This most commonly includes antibiotics and pain medications or other orders that require immediate administration. First dosing is costly, therefore, we want to prevent this from happening with medications that have run out and were not reordered 5 days prior. We use Custom RX in Kuna as our primary first dose pharmacy.

  • Warfarin is an anticoagulant medication that requires frequent blood monitoring (PT/INR) to ensure a patient is not at risk for serious bleeding that can occur. Pharmacy and the facility have developed a warfarin schedule to ensure residents are receiving their blood draws and that pharmacy is notified when those are so we can send the correct medication schedule. Pharmacy sends 2 days past the INR date, so if you are giving a dose and realize there are only 2 days left, please call/fax pharmacy to ensure we have received the new order to continue the medication.