KeyMed’s mission is to deliver the right medication at the right time and in the right way in order to support caregivers of long term care.


Expand our influence as compassionate, caregiver-oriented long term care pharmacy into the long term care industry of Idaho.

Key Values


At KeyMed, we understand that we support the caregivers in long term care facilities. We know their job is hard and we want to do our best to provide the necessary support, dignity, and respect they deserve.


Each KeyMed employee’s first and foremost effort is to do what they say they will do. In our company your word is your bond. In our fast paced daily operations we have no time for micro-management – our employees are entrusted to do a job right and right the first time.


Anything pharmacy related, at KeyMed, we take the initiative to ensure caregivers have what they need to do their job. We don’t leave in the caregivers’ court what we can take care of ourselves.


KeyMed is a team. Each employee has a role to play and is accountable to that role. While we adhere to a leadership structure, no team member is more important than another. We work each day, together, to accomplish our mission.


At KeyMed we recognize there are challenges to meeting the demands of our clients. We work each day to learn new ways of meeting that demand. We take input from multiple sources, analyze it and improve our systems and processes to meet our clients’ needs no matter how difficult they may be.


At KeyMed it is our goal that our employees are excellent in every way. We hire the best and demand their best. We look for opportunities to improve every facet of our business. From our floor operations to our customer service we constantly strive for excellence.