• A closed door pharmacy is a medical facility that is not open to the public. It sells its drugs to Group homes, nursing facilities, foster care facilities and many others. Some of items they provide include intravenous drugs, colour cards, medical carts and many others.

  • Elderly patients are an especially important focus of long term pharmacy practice, not only because of their rapidly growing numbers, but because they are more likely to suffer from drug-related problems such as adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, excessive use of medications, and inappropriate and duplicative drug therapy. At KeyMed, we are geriatric pharmacy experts, but our practice is not limited to geriatric care. Since the overwhelming majority of residents cared for in nursing facilities and other long-term care environments are elderly, we take our responsibility to fully understand the proper use of drugs in this patient population very seriously.

  • KeyMed, Inc. utilizes our own drivers and vehicles to deliver to facilities.  A daily scheduled delivery occurs twice Monday thru Friday and once on Saturday.  Sundays or additional deliveries occur as emergencies arise.  Our drivers will check in orders against a delivery manifest with the assistance of facility personnel.

    • Routine Deliveries 6 Days/Week.
    • Emergency Delivery 365 days/Year.
    • Two part delivery and return manifests.
  • 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 10am-3pm

  • Dial the normal number for KeyMed (208.233.2444), and choose option five for the on-call pharmacist. For a non-emergency, choose option four. Skilled nursing facilities should appropriately take advantage of the Pixus or Cubex machine. It is very important that your KeyMed pharmacy team knows about all medication orders either new, or that need to be refilled, in order to help ensure that medications are received and started on time.

  • KeyMed legally cannot accept unused narcotics. The FDA’s policies should be followed in this instance, and they have determined a set of specific procedures depending on the availability of a local “drug take-back” program. If there is no such program, the unused narcotics can often be surrendered to local law enforcement. As a last resort, the medications can be mixed with old coffee grounds or “kitty litter”, placed in a solid container, and thoroughly sealed with strong tape such as duct tape. Medications that are not narcotics, may or may not be returned for credit, depending on how the medication was paid for.

  • KeyMed Pharmacy is NOT a retail pharmacy, and is NOT open to the public. KeyMed specializes in medication management therapy, and is a Long Term Care Pharmacy or “Limited service outlet” (defined by Idaho State Board of Pharmacy), which means that we are limited by rules stated by the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy.

  • All new admits need to have a face sheet identifying patient, payer source, drug allergy, and doctor information in order for us to begin processing orders. Upon learning of the new admit, please notify the pharmacy as soon as possible, as a new admit can take many hours to process. Any new admission with a narcotic order must have a valid prescription, or “hard copy” in order for the pharmacy to fill that order.


Quick Information Reference 

Phone: 208-233-2444 
Fax: 208-233-3439
Hours: 9-6 Monday-Friday, 10-3 Saturday
Delivery Times: All out-of-town orders received before 5:30 Monday-Thursday will be sent via Action Courier and will arrive the next day around 11am. Orders placed on Friday or Saturday will not arrive until Tuesday.

After Hours: If you receive a new order or need an order filled or have a question for the pharmacy and it is not during regular business hours, all the phone number (208-233-2444) and dial #5 for the on-call pharmacist. Please contact the pharmacy immediately with any questions/concerns or new order information. This initial communication is critical to ensure residents receive medications in a timely manner.